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Unbustable ads





H&M’s new beachwear campaign featuring Jennie Runk is pretty awesome. In this article she explains that women have sent her messages saying that this ad campaign has given them the confidence to try on a bikini for the first time in years!

See… it does make a difference when we see diverse body types in advertising and media! 


i like this post very much

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Hula Hooping withdraws…

Its been two days of no chances to hula hoop…. Its killing me to be stuck at this desk… and not being at Bonnaroo…(why living in Nashville sucks now too)

So i’m telling myself that TONIGHT I will watch the live USTREAM of Bonnaroo while i’m hoop dancing so I can act like i’m really there… otherwise i may end up like these gifs below….


Back On Pointe: An Open Letter To Bikini Season


tw: mention of calorie restriction


How many bikini season posts have I seen on the internet so far this Spring? How many sopping guides; rules to determine which fruit I resemble the most? How many lists are there of swimsuits and sundresses that are “appropriate” for my body…

Wow, this is so profound. To stop future generations of girls of hating their bodies we need to start by remembering, theses little girls are always liseting the women around them. By constantly judging ourselves, we are teaching them to do so as well.